Designing lasting and meaningful experiences through a bold, positive and pragmatic approach

Working across disciplines and industries and with an eye on visual, spatial and object culture has given edgaar the experience to develop his essential and human approach to resolve challenges through a process of deep reflexing and empathy in order to understand and propose real value solutions.

With a background of design thinking, materials and making; observation and understanding have become an instinct, in which he relies on in order to lead successfully the conception and materialization of any project.

Though all his journeys and challenges his clients and collaborators are a vital piece in the development of any project. Together they transform challenges into opportunities and build meaningful, soulful and honest products, aiming always to a positive outcome.

Always curious and eager to learn more, edgaar embraces the experimental, the hybrid and explores the history and evolution of our cultures, technology, education, design and craftsmanship in order to get a better understanding of our present, past and future as society.

For edgaar the best projects are the future ones, the ones from which he can learn and serve as inspiration to become a better professional and a more positive human being.


Observe, analyze, synthesize & materialize with a positive and pragmatic approach to the human experience through soulful, honest and interesting design to create unique value for clients and users.


Specialization in Principles and Applications of Digital Fabrication at Fab Lab Barcelona - MIT - 2016 -

Specialization in Visual, Commercial & Retail Interior Design at Artidi Barcelona - 2015 -

Postgraduate in Image Post-Production at IDEP Barcelona - 2014 -

Master in Fashion & Commercial Photography at IDEP Barcelona - 2013 -

Master in Product Design at Elisava Design School - 2010 -

Bachelor Industrial Design at Universidad Rafael Landivar - 2009 -