Observe, analyze, synthesize and materialize with a positive and pragmatic approach to the human experience through soulful and honest design.

From the beginning, when I started working on design professionally, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many different subjects, ranging from a purely conceptual perspective to a strictly functional approach, all this experience has given me an ample vision of the design discipline and the potential it offers us to create kinder and humane worlds for us to enjoy.

Observation, deep thinking and empathy is the foundation of my design process. I think that design with a human approach is essential to solve many of the challenges we face as society. I embrace the experimental, the hybrid and explore the history and evolution of our cultures, technology, education, design and craftsmanship in order to get a better understanding of our present, past and future.

I believe in working side by side with clients and collaborators is a vital piece on development of each project. Together we transform challenges into opportunities, together, we build meaningful, soulful and honest products, aiming always to have a positive outcome.

I believe in design, do you believe?

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Some of the organizations I've worked with