MESH, Maker Education Social Hack

Graphic Design

The MESH (Makers Education Social Hack) program is a SokoTech initiative aimed at trainers who work with youth in programs for social inclusion. It seeks to launch a scalable experience for libraries, athenaeums, civic centers, schools and other public or private facilities.

The program consists of online training and universal access based on the Maker philosophy and open source ethical tools. From digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping, it seeks to generate emancipatory learning environments for young people. Each of the following knowledge capsules has been developed by referents in Maker education and social inclusion.

More info: MESH

Ernesto Oroza, Cuban artist and designer, talking about design and objects of necessity

Lolo & Sosaku, artists, during a workshop about art and creative technologies.

Margarita Padilla, engineer and programmer, talking about ethical and open technological tools.