Consultancy for handicraft product development for Agexport

Consultancy and Product Design

The Crafts Commission of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport) is dedicated to promoting the development and promotion of the Guatemalan artisan sector, locally and internationally, with development and innovation projects for the different Guatemalan artisan associations and cooperatives, aiming at improving their competitiveness and thus generate employment, income and access to new markets.

Within this framework, we were commissioned to develop and monitor several lines of new products in different materials, specifically bamboo, cotton and PVC and as the main technique, weave.

For this project, I worked together with the designers Marjolein Keijsper and Nicole Sosa over a period of several months, in which periodic visits were made to the different associations to optimize the production processes, redesign parts and create new designs.

Artisan of Loma Linda Cooperative starting with the bamboo weaving process

First Prototype of a lamp shade

Preparation of bamboo strips

Examples of different types of bamboo weave

Prototypes of all objects made with bamboo weave technique

Artisan of the Asdir Association working on the elaboration of baskets with PVC thread

Material selection and design review

Weaving in progress

Prototypes of all objects made with the technique of weaving PVC thread

Weavers studying the new designs to produce

Weavers preparing to produce the designs on the waist loom

Paper guides for the development of the first prototypes

Weave artisans of the New Alliance Association

Detail of the first prototypes

Final prototypes of all objects made with the floor and waist loom techniques